The Committee

Alan Apling

Cardington resident since 1996. Parish Councillor since 2007, currently Chairman. 

Daily dog-walker in the length and breadth of the Parish from Elstow Brook to the Greensand Ridge and Southill Road the The Parkway.

Sarah Baker

Having been born and brought up in the English countryside I feel, strongly, that I should do what I can to preserve village life for the next generation.

Cardington is a great place to live, combining rural life with a fantastic community spirit.

Cliff Dixon

I retired from policing at the highest level after 33 years. 

I moved to Cardington when I transferred from the North East 20 years ago, having fallen in love with the village the first time I saw it. 

I love its rural character, its way of life and its people and I am passionate about doing what I can to retain that character for the future. 

Since retiring my wife Clare and I have enjoyed becoming more involved in village life, enjoying our walks around the village and doing what we can to support its community. 

I love the fact that I am now more renown for being a pantomime dame than an ex senior police officer.

Sally Gilpin

I am a previous resident of Cardington, and I now live in Woodlands Close, Cople. 

However my horses reside in Cardington and I have kept horses in the village for 20+ years’ yes I am old enough! 

I am therefore a regular user of the wonderful green spaces, farmland and tracks that we are lucky enough to have the use of around the village, thanks to our very generous local farmers. 

I am therefore extremely concerned about future development plans for Cardington, which is why I volunteered for this steering group, to make sure this environment is protected for all our future enjoyment and benefit.

I am a self employed accountant running my own practice from my office in Cople and squeezing in as much horse riding and dog walking as work will allow.

Andy Girvan

Attended Cople Primary and Elstow Abbey school before spending my teenage years abroad. Now work for a regional property development company.

Do you have any unusual qualifications?
I passed my advanced driving test… not that you would know it, if you’ve seen my driving!

Are you involved with any Charities?
I host a small annual music festival raising money for small local charities where our donations make a real difference.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
A hatred of being late.

What are your personal interests/hobbies?
Sailing is my hobby and I love teaching others to sail.

Where would you be if you weren’t here?
On the water!


Alan Nothard

I moved into Cardington with my wife Lyn in 1991.

We knew that this was where we wanted to live and have never thought of living anywhere else.

We are now the only original residents of Yeomans Gate.

I am retired, having worked in Buying and Marketing.

in the Consumer Electronics industry with household names such as Granada, Dixon’s/ Currys and Halfords.

I am a member of Cardington Parish Council and a trustee of the Cardington, Cople & Eastcotts Almshouse Charity. I am also a volunteer steward at The Shuttleworth Collection and a proud member of the Cardington Green Mowing Team.

My hobbies include Bridge, and I am a keen Classic Car Enthusiast

Clare Simon

A retired police officer, I’m a keen cyclist, and dog walker.

I run the village Facebook and e mail groups and co-ordinate a number of village events.

I care passionately about the environment and equality. And I love my village!

Dave Spencer

I am a relative newcomer to Cardington, having lived here for a dozen years.

It was the character of the village that first attracted us, something that I believe we should endeavour to retain.

Wanting to put something back into the village, I help mow the Green during the summer months.

More recently, I have been helping with Speedwatch and I am now a member of Cardington’s Neighbourhood Plan team.